About ITS

As a contract manufacturer, Integrated Textile Solutions, Inc. has the experience and capabilities to provide all types of business manufacturing solutions. Formerly known as "Maid Bess Corp.," ITS is now a woman-owned small business providing a diversified portfolio of services. Maid Bess Corp. was purchased by Joanne Thornhill (CEO) in 2002 and transformed from a traditional apparel manufacturing company into a contract manufacturer of industrial and military textile products.

With cutting, sewing, and operational capabilities businesses can get everything they need from ITS without using multiple contractors. From the 67,000 square-foot facility, production work is held to rigorous standards and delivered on a quick-response basis. Customers have come to expect the highest level of quality and service from ITS, and we take pride in delivering each and every time.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified